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Things To Do In Medellin

Top Things To Do In Medellin

Colombia is a fascinating country. It is so diverse. There is so much to see and do. A person going here can experience a lot of joy not only in what they are able to see, but also what they are able to learn from the people and the culture. There are many cities that can be inspiring. Medellin is one of the smaller cities, but there is still plenty to keep you occupied with.

Here are a couple of great things to do in Medellin

Visit Guatape

This should be one of the first places to go to for anyone who visits Medellin. It takes some time to get there. In fact you will have to travel for 2 hours in order to come across some of these natural wonders that Colombia is known for. Guatape is a small town and very impressive in the way it has been designed and built. The views are incredible with beautiful lakes and valleys to explore.

Take part in a walking tour

There are many tours that you can get involved in. This is one way of getting to know the area a little better. One of the things to do in Medellin which folks enjoy is to walk around the area. You will be able to take advantage of local guides who can give you more information on the history of the area. This is always useful and it makes your trip so much more worthwhile. It is also enjoyable when you get to meet people on a tour like this from different parts of the world.

You may come across the botanical gardens on one specific tour which can take some time to simply absorb. You will find that they have their own butterfly sanctuary and this is something that many people are drawn towards.

Tasty food

There are many things to in Medellin which can be exciting and memorable. However, the food is something that you simply can't forget about. It just goes with the territory. Bandeja paisa is the dish that everyone in Colombia knows about. This is comfort food which will fill you up and allow you to stay energized for the day.


The Colombian people are known to be hospitable and friendly. They will welcome you wherever you are. You will be welcomed during the day, as well as at night. There are plenty of things to do during the night. However, you can't forget the night time activities which this area is known to stand out for. There are more festive areas where the clubbers head on down to.

There are also more laid back venues where you can get to meet with the locals. This is great for when you want to experience life as a local. Wherever you are, you will find that the Colombian people enjoy having a good time, so you won't leave feeling like this trip has been a waste of time. For people who enjoy dancing, this is the perfect place to venture off to. Salsa comes first on the list.

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