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Outrigger Gear

Outrigger Gear

If you are a sport fisherman, you already know that there are numerous different designs on the market for guides and very different styles. In addition, there are several different manufacturers that make guides so it can be difficult to determine which ones you should be using. Roller guides are a definite option because of how much they improve the quality of your outrigger fishing.

Roller guides are sometimes only designed for telescoping outriggers and some others are made for non-telescoping arms, but there are an increasing number of roller guides that are able to be used on both of these types of outrigger. In addition, roller guides are usually very easy to line up and swivel so that you can go both ways with your line.

ANCO is one of several manufacturers of roller guides. Rupp also has a selection to choose from and when you see these roller guides in action, you will never want to use another type of clip. Starboard and Delrin make a stainless steel roller with stainless steel screws, making it one of the best roller guides in the business.

When it comes to trolling, there is a reason why these guides are the preferred option. There are a bunch of advantages that come with using them. It just takes a couple of quick turns to drop the line and you can remove or install the line in seconds. When you can have the eyelets facing each way because of the swivel it makes installation a breeze.

Outrigger Gear

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