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Medellin Colombia Activities

Some Medellin, Colombia Activities You Can't Afford To Miss

Despite being renowned for notoriety in the past, the city of Medellin is now shedding its rough skin and beginning to wear a new look, thanks to some major transformations that are currently ongoing. Travelers can now move about freely and safely in many areas within the city. So, you don’t even have to worry at all about violence or crime here especially if you have your wits about these places.

Medellin is one fantastic city in Colombia that any tourist would like to visit. Unlike other cities and towns around the country, this one offers a unique charm that is very rare and hard to find elsewhere. In this city, there is definitely enough to keep you busy throughout your stay. If you are looking to have fun in this chaotic and bustling South American city, here are some Medellin, Colombia activities you can’t just afford to miss.

Watch a football match

Don’t ever try to miss viewing a soccer match particularly if there is a live football match going on in the city during your stay. Get ready to experience an incredible amount of energy in the stands. To pick up a ticket, you’ll need to head to the stadium a day or two before the game.

Learn salsa

South America is famous for its Latin American dance music. As a traveler, you can’t come into this Medellin without learning to dance Salsa, as you would definitely fall in love with it. The city offers countless places to learn this unique dance performance. Just so you know, you can either choose to participate in a group class or have a private weekly training. There are some interesting salsa dancing bars in the city where visitors can go to practice what they have learned. In some modern middle-class neighborhoods such as Suramericana, Estadio, and Laureles, visitors can simply go out and watch the dance.

Ride the Metro cable

Taking a ride in a metro cable is one Medellin, Colombia activities that are a must-do for every visitor. Even if you don’t have enough time to explore some popular areas in the city, you should at least try to experience the ride and the views, these metro cables have got to offer. You stand to enjoy a clean view of some enthusiastic and interesting barrios in the city when you take the J-Line (San Javier) or the K-Line (Arvi). No doubt, these cable cars are fantastic.

Take part in a free walking tour

Most travelers who come visiting this city would preferably love to participate in a free walking tour from the first day of arrival. The tour is designed to provide tourists with a better understanding of the Paisa people and the city of Medellin. Usually, they (tourists) meet on the pedestrian bridge at Alpujarra Station before embarking on the Medellin Walking Tour.

There is more of exploration to do in Medellin than just sightseeing. If you are looking to feel and enjoy the vibe of the city, do well to participate in any of the Medellin, Colombia activities mentioned above. Year in, year out, expats and travelers always troop in to share in the fun due to the love they have for the amenities and friendly locals.


Medellin Colombia Activities

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