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kids theme parks NJ

kids theme parks NJ

All the excitement that comes with going to a theme park to entertain your children should be inclusive of a parent’s good time.  Not saying that a parent isn’t going to have a good time seeing their children have a good time. 

However, when you think of going to an amusement park, do you ever consider what an amusement park should offer adults?  We aren’t talking about entertainment that is inappropriate.  We are talking about clean entertainment that keeps adults entertained, while they sit and wait with their kids.

Casino Pier has entertainment for adults that will encourage them to come along with their kids because they had a great time, too.  We want to bring the kid out of adults, also.

Who doesn’t like to be a kid, for a day?

We understand that parent will be dealing with much of the brunt of bringing their kids to an amusement park.  With our exciting attractions, an adult can be in on their kid’s hyperactive jumps. 

Rides That can be Adult Friendly

Consider the Skycoaster a brilliant experience for you and your children to experience together.  The Skycoaster is a great thrill ride because of its deep drop from 109 feet high while flying approximately 60 to 80 miles per hour.  This peril will appeal to your child’s inner thrill seeker and your cool inner parent.

The Ferris Wheel is a treat that has been experiencing for many years.  It’s a calming ride that offers your children the thrill of being high above the ground.  You benefit from the beautiful views of Jersey Shore.  Who said you had to ride a rollercoaster to appeal to your kid’s desire for the thrill?

We think that kids theme parks in NJ extend to the inner kid of all adults.  We believe in re-living your youth through the eyes of children that you continue to give good memories.

Exclusively for Kids

What’s solely for kids?  Many rides!  We at Casino Pier are the perfect Breakwater Beach Waterpark for your kids to indulge in because of our long list of rides.

Check out our kiddie area, which offers many thrills for your little thrill seekers.  Your little thrill seekers are being primed for the bigger thrills.  We like to start them off with Boats, the Crazy Bus, Motorcycles, and Go-Karts, to name a few. 

Your kids will be able to leave with stories of how they drove a boat, motorcycle, and car. This is, after all, what the little ones enjoy imagining.  Why not allow them to experience thrill rides, in our safely designed and security checked rides.

We know how to bring enthusiasm and thrill to our guests.  Check out the many attractions that you and your family could experience, at a reasonable price. 


Prices are not as shocking as they would be at other amusement parks.  We believe that every family should have the ability to entertain their families.  Whether it be wristbands, individual ride prices or packs, you will find that our prices are doable for your family’s partaking.  Please review our price list and enjoy the attractions we should offer every kid, including the kid inside of you!

kids theme parks NJ
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kids theme parks NJ
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kids theme parks NJ