FOID card Illinois

FOID card Illinois

Gun laws are a hot topic. With several recent incidents shedding light on gun control, concealed carry remains at the forefront of the news. It is still possible to carry a concealed weapon under Illinois through the attainment of a Firearm Owners Identification card. Midwest Guns and Range offers the training to allow you to carry a concealed firearm safely.

Is a license for concealed carry necessary?

Being allowed to carry a firearm in a concealed fashion is a privilege under state law. The potential risk you present to law enforcement is of considerable concern.

Arrests for weapons-related crimes for those carrying weapons away from the public eye was 81 percent higher than that of the general population. In Florida, the largest number of those convicted for such crimes was for individuals with new concealed carry permits.

While Midwest Guns and Range does not weigh in on the political nature of this issue, we offer full training to help capable individuals understand how to work within the legal framework. Our courses teach citizens how to conduct themselves and wear their firearm.

What is required for concealed carry in Illinois?

Illinois, with one of the most dangerous cities in the country, strictly regulates who can have a firearm in a non-visible manner. Over ten conditions must be met.

Requirements go well beyond the mental condition of a permit holder. Those seeking a FOID card must not have an intellectual or developmental disability, not be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor battery, be a legal resident, and not have failed a drug test.

The law was written to protect everyone. The categories of people excluded from obtaining a FOID card are those most likely to use their privilege negatively. This is the reason that someone cannot be a fugitive from justice when applying.

What is a FOID card in Illinois holder entitled to?

A FOID card entitles the holder to carry a concealed weapon. You must notify law enforcement that you are a cardholder when approached.

The permit denotes you as knowledge on a number of laws across multiple states as well as in how to maintain and wear your firearm.

Where can I obtain a FOID card in Illinois?

You must have 16 hours of training to obtain a concealed carry permit in Illinois. People falling under certain classes such as former or active military members need only one course.

Certified training centers such as the Midwest Guns and Range help you obtain the requisite number of training hours to qualify for a permit. Our center meets the guidelines to provide adequate and full training.

Meeting our requirements is required to pass. This includes obtaining a shooting qualification of 70 percent or higher and conducting yourself in a manner that promotes your use of this privilege.

Firearms training in Illinois

Midwest Guns and Range provides a wealth of training for your FOID card or in firearms knowledge. Becoming intimately familiar with your gun provides you with the pride of ownership.

Get in touch with us today to become part of our weekly courses.

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FOID card Illinois
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