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Costa Rica Surf School

Costa Rica Surf School

Have you dreamed of spending time surfing in the beautiful waters off Costa Rica? You don’t have to be an expert to surf. In fact, you can spend just a short time taking lessons at a Costa Rica surf school and you will be ready to try surfing on your vacation. Surfing is fun and exhilarating and something you can do with your entire family.

Get Started with Surfing

Whether you are a complete novice or have surfing experience, you will benefit from a Costa Rica surf school. Surfing in Tamarindo is like no other experience you have ever had. The location is the ideal place to learn to surf and people come from around the world to surf in the beautiful and gentle waves just offshore. It offers the perfect place to take lessons from a top rated Costa Rica surf school.

You can sign up for a beginner lesson, a 3-lesson surf course or our popular 5-lesson surf course. We also offer stand-up paddle instructions with guided adventures for the entire family. All of our lessons are taught by highly skilled and trained surfers with years of surfing experience. We offer a friendly, fun and energetic atmosphere that makes it a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

Our instructors include world pro surfers and local certified instructors with many years of experience riding the waves. Our goal is to help make your vacation as enjoyable as possible by allowing you to experience life on the water the way many of our locals do. We will do everything we can to help you have a great time on the water. The waves here are ideal for beginners. If you are more advanced you explore some of the other beaches on the island once you have the skills necessary.

What to Expect At a Costa Rica Surf School

Beginning surf lessons are safe and fun. You will begin on land by learning some of the basics of how to control your board and how to position your body while surfing. Safety is of utmost importance and you will learn the basics about the surfing environment including how the wind, waves, swell, currents and tide all work. This helps you start to learn how to stay atop your board while under various conditions.

In addition, you will also learn how to tell which waves are the best for surfing. You will get plenty of personal attention because class sizes are held to a small number of participants. That is why it is important to reserve your space in the Costa Rica surf school ahead of time whenever possible. Book lessons with friends if you all want to learn to surf.

Once you have learned the fundamentals on land you will progress to the water. We teach you everything you need to know to get started surfing right away. Your instructor will teach you how to paddle, how to catch a wave and how to stand up on your board. This is the safest and most comfortable place to learn how to surf.


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Costa Rica Surf School