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Cape Cod Kayak

Cape Cod Kayak

A cape cod kayak is among the best ways to explore one of the most iconic areas in the United States. Rideaway Adventures offers a flexible, fun adventure for all ages. 

Things to See in Cape Code

Cape Cod is one of the most established areas in the country. From centuries old architecture and lighthouses to beautiful geological features and seascapes, the area is known for its many things to do.

Near Provincetown, the Pilgrim monument shoots out above the trees. The Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge is home to rare birds and other natural wonders. At the end of a day of sightseeing, you can easily find top notch food in one of the many seaside towns.

Fun by the Sea

Everything in Cape Cod involves the ocean. As the area where the Mayflower landed, we are steeped in seaside history.

Your visit will inevitably involve a tour of the Atlantic coast. Whether that is food related or due to a day out on one of our many beaches, you will be connected to the water.

Kayaking the Cape

With so much to do, kayaking is one of the best ways to see the cape. A slow paddle allows you to take in everything that made the pilgrims want to land here and people such as John F. Kennedy built summer homes here.

You can travel further than on a paddleboard and explore areas more in depth in a kayak as well. This versatile travel option offers a great work out after a night eating lobster and fish.

Great for Date Night and Family Trips

With so much to explore, kayaks are great for a family trip. You could also choose to escape the kids and city, taking a romantic sunset trip along the coast.

Tire out your family in the presence of history. Watch the sunset near a famous lighthouse. The choice is yours.

Kayak Rentals

Finding a kayak is not a problem along Cape Cod. There are many rental shops. However, not all are able to provide well-maintained high quality kayaks to fit any need. Most will not deliver across the entire area.

With Rideaway, you can plan multiple stops along Cape Cod without worrying about losing your rental. We offer hourly, daily and weekly rates for single and double boats. If you want a more relaxed experience, you can try a paddleboard as well.

The Full Cape Experience

While you can choose to create your own adventure, a guide can help you find the perfect spots to create lasting memories. Our fully American Canoe Association certified guides offer trips to some of the most secluded and best spots on the cape.

We provide experiences for all ages and levels. Whether you want to sea kayak or find a spot to jump off and cool down, we are here to help.

Cape Cod Kayak

Cape Cod kayak rentals and tours are one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty that the area offers. Rideaway provides rentals and delivery across the area for any type of trip.

Island hop or explore with us. Schedule a rental today.


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