We delight in giving people the best experience when it comes to surfing Maui’s finest waves whether you are learning to surf for the very first time or have enjoyed our waves before.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your stand up paddle board (SUP) or surf lesson in Kihei or Lahaina, Maui with Hawaiian Style Surf.

Where do we meet for our SUP or surf lesson?

We meet on location for all of Maui surf lessons:

For Kihei Surf Lessons – meet at Kalama Beach Park.

You’ll find our “Hawaiian Style Surf” instructors in the South End of the parking lot with all of your boards and gear set up on the grass in the park. Look for the Hawaiian Style Surf logo on their shirts or hats. Feel free to ask any of the other surf schools in the area and they’ll send you our way. If you need additional assistance, give us a call at (808) 874-0110.

Lahaina Surf Lessons – meet at Ukumehame Beach State Park

You’ll find our “Hawaiian Style Surf” instructors in the Lahaina end of the park with all of your boards and gear set up on the sand and one of the picnic tables. Look for the Hawaiian Style Surf logo on their shirts or hats. If you need additional assistance, give us a call at (808) 874-0110.

How early should we arrive for the lesson?

We ask that all surfers arrive at least 15 minutes prior to lesson time for check in.

What should we wear?

Wear swimming attire that is comfortable for you. Most men wear surf shorts and most women wear a bikini and surf shorts. We supply a long sleeve rash guard and surf booties for your lesson.

What else do we need to bring to our surf lesson?

Be sure to bring the appropriate level of sunblock as UV rays are strong out on the water, even on cloudy days! You will also want a towel for drying off after your lesson.

What does Hawaiian Surf Style supply for each lesson?

We provide an appropriate size surf board or SUP Stand Up Paddle Board to use during the lesson. We also provide a long sleeve rash guard (lyrca surf shirt) and surf booties (shoes). Most lessons also include a cold beverage for your refreshment.

What should I expect from a surf lesson?

All of our Maui surfing classes start with a short lesson on proper technique on the beach prior to hitting the waves. Both in and out of the water our instructors will demonstrate and help you learn how to:

  • Balance on the surf board
  • Paddle for a wave
  • “Pop Up” or stand up on the board while catching a wave
  • Stand on the surf board for balance and maneuvers (and where to stand)
  • End the wave
  • Fall off your board safely

Our instructors will also cover ocean safety and proper surf and SUP etiquette.

Who will be teaching the lesson?

All of our instructors are Hawaiian surfers at heart. On average our instructors have at least 10 years of experience teaching surfing. We are fun, outgoing and love interacting with people who are eager to learn how to surf while visiting Maui. We’ll do everything we can to help you catch plenty of waves and give you pointers on how to get more out of your surfing experience. We keep a 1 instructor to 6 student ratio in all SUP and group surf lessons.

What are the driving instructions to Hawaiian Style Surf?

We meet on location for all surf lessons which means we’re in the sand and water the entire time we’re together.

Driving Instructions to Kalama Beach Park (Kihei, South Maui)

  1. Starting from any resort in the Wailea area, take a left on to Wailea Alanui
  2. Take a left onto Okolani Drive (road curves to the right onto South KIhei Road)
  3. Continue on South Kihei Road for approximately 2 miles
  4. Take a left into parking lot at Kalama Park (located across Union 76 Gas Station)
  5. Check-in is at the south end of the parking lot

Driving Instructions to Ukumehame Beach State Park (Lahaina, West Maui)

  1. Starting from Lahaina, head south on Honoapiilani HWY (HWY 30)
  2. Continue on for 10-15 minutes or until your reach mile marker 12
  3. Turn in to the parking lot marked “Ukumehame Beach Park”
  4. Check-in is at the west end of the park on one of the picnic tables

For more detailed driving instructions from your current location, please visit our Locations Page and scroll down to “Get Directions”.

How do I make a reservation?

There are several ways to book your next SUP or surfing lesson in Maui:

What’s your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hr cancellation notice for a full refund. Please call us at (808) 874-0110 should you have to cancel your surfing lesson for whatever reason.

What’s the difference between a Group Lesson and Private Lesson?

A group SUP or surfing lesson is made up of one instructor and up to 6 people who you may or may not know.

A private SUP or surfing lesson is for those who want to be alone with an instructor, or for a group of friends and family who want to be alone with an instructor.

We do our best to accommodate families, friends and other groups. Please call us at (808) 874-0110 for booking inquiries for large groups.

What type of surf lesson package do you recommend for beginners?

All of our stand up paddle board and surf lessons are geared towards beginners and expand on basic surfing techniques. We offer a variety of surf lesson packages such as using a Go Pro to film your own surf lesson as well as 3 day lesson packages for you to build on your newly acquired skills.

What is the minimum age for surf lessons?

All surfers must be at least 6 years old. All surfers under 10 years of age must be accompanied by at least one of their parents or guardian.

What’s the difference in Ukumehame Beach (Lahaina – Ka’anapali – West Maui) and Kalama Beach Park (Kihei – South Maui) surfing conditions?

Ukumehame is in a more rural area and there are usually fewer surfers in the waters compared to Kalama Park, which is in the middle of a town and often has more crowded waters.

Although busier at times Kalama Park is usually preferred by families with young children because it has shallow waters and easy access in and out of the ocean.

The waves and conditions at both locations are great for learning how to surf when in Maui. Waves are typically 1 to 4 footers perfect for beginners especially on the early morning lessons (which we highly recommend). The wind which can stop a lesson has a tendency to pick up earlier and more often at Ukumehame.

How Can I Write a Review for Hawaiian Style Surf?

We really appreciate reviews. If you would like to recommend us, the most popular sites we are found on are TripAdvisor and Google. If you have feedback or concerns and would like to contact us, we’ll do everything we can to help you. Thanks for helping others to find us!

Still Have Questions?

Still have questions about our SUP and Surf lessons? Please call us at (808) 874-0110 or send your question through our website contact form.