Things to Do In Maui: Surf and SUP Lessons

surfing maui

Are you planning a Maui vacation soon? If so, you’re probably searching for memorable things to do in Maui. Well, among the many exciting and unforgettable activities you can enjoy while here on vacation, there’s two you absolutely can’t miss – Maui surf lessons and stand up paddleboard (SUP) lessons. No Maui vacation is complete without these two quintessential sports.

Why do we say that? For one reason, surfing is Hawaii. What do we mean? Well, surfing is thought to have originated with the Polynesians in the Pacific islands and really developed more as they reached the Hawaiian Islands. Thus, surfing or “he’e nalu” became known as a Hawaiian sport. In 1779 Lieutenant James King wrote a detailed description of this wave riding by locals on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was a royal sport of Hawaiian kings and queens.maui surf lessons

Hawaii is known as the epicenter of the surfing world where it’s an integral part of the culture and heritage of a people who love the ocean. Surfing captures the Aloha spirit and the very lifestyle of the islands. So, to really experience Hawaii, you have to experience surfing.

There’s a thrill in learning to surf quite unlike any other sport. As you learn to work with and embrace the ocean waves, you sense the power and exhilaration the waves carry, and at the same time a unique feeling of serenity. Many find in surfing a way to alleviate stress and anxiety. This is part of the Aloha spirit that overwhelms you with excitement while giving you a calming sense of peace. Thus, this exceptional Maui water sport offers an extraordinary experience that is truly Hawaiian.

And to say that you took surfing lessons in Maui…what an amazing place to learn to surf and an unforgettable part of your trip! Nowhere else can you surf amid the beauty that is Maui. With picturesque views of the volcanic crater known as Molokini and the island of Lanai as your backdrop, you can take Maui surf lessons in the clear ocean waters with palm trees lining the coast. True, there are other places to surf around the world, but there’s no other place quite like Maui.

Because surfing is so connected to Hawaii and the people of these islands, there’s no better people to teach you to surf. For many locals, surfing is second nature, and where we feel most at home, so of course we love helping people experience this exciting sport first-hand. As people characterized by the Aloha spirit, we’re laid back and are just thrilled to be a part of your surfing experience, so our Maui surf lessons are likewise relaxed and fun. Having native Hawaiian instructors who love the ocean and surfing teach you surfing or SUP is another unique aspect of Maui surf lessons that you won’t find anywhere else.

SUP or “hoe he’e nalu” is another water sport with a Hawaiian heritage that offers an unforgettable Maui experience. SUP is an easy-to-learn sport and offers a great full body workout. It can also be done by people of all ages and skill levels. This popular Hawaiian sport provides amazing views of the islands and sea life that you can only see in Maui.Maui surfing

So when you visit the islands, put Maui surf lessons or SUP lessons on the top of your list of things to do! There’s really no other sports quite like surfing or stand up paddling, and no other place to learn quite like the paradise island of Maui.

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