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What comes to mind when you hear about Maui surfing? Maybe you think of the huge waves that surfers attempt or the gorgeous beaches of Maui. What about the iconic surfboards? Surfing and stand-up paddle boasts some of the coolest gear of all the Maui ocean sports. Carrying these colorful and artistically-designed boards across Maui’s shorelines can immediately create a feeling of thrill and excitement as to what the day in the Maui surf might bring. They are the instrument of a surfer’s symphony on the water. They can enhance the skill of the surfer. Over the years, surfboards have stood out as a symbol of this deeply cherished Maui ocean sport.

Thus, one my wonder what kinds of surf and SUP boards Maui surfers use most to develop their surf skills…Well, Hawaiian Style began their Maui surfing lessons using a type of surfboard called a softop, made by Surftech, an innovative surfboard manufacturer for 25 years. These surfboards are great for beginner surfers. Over the years, they proven to be durable, very stable, as well as forgiving to new surfers. Surftech softop boards feature a soft EVA deck and rails for easy use and safety.

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For our Maui surf lessons, we usually recommend using 9 to 10 ft. boards for children and petite adults and 11 to 12 ft. boards for other surfers. This year we’re also using surfboards from the Maunalua board company for our Maui surf lessons. These surfboards that feature wide-bodied designs are also well-constructed, stable boards that are great for beginner surfers and those progressing to more difficult breaks.

For our Maui SUP lessons, we use paddleboards from Naish, which makes a variety of stand-up paddleboards for cruising, racing, wide-style waves, touring, and fitness as well as SUP paddles and gear. Naish also makes kiteboarding and windsurfing gear as well. Naish’s softop Mana series SUP boards have an excellent design and stability about them that works well both for beginners and experienced Maui stand-up paddleboarding enthusiasts.

Along with these amazing surfboards and SUP boards, we also offer GoPro cameras for our customers to capture all of their Maui surfing adventures up close and personal. We use the GoPro HERO3+ Silver edition camera for both videos and still photography of our surfing lessons. The waterproof GoPro HERO3+ Silver features video resolutions up to 1080p60 and 10MP photos up to 10 frames per second with enhanced low-light performance and built-in WiFi.

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These unbelievably versatile video cameras can either be mounted on the surfboards or handheld. The quality of video these cameras take is really incredible, and our clients love the awesome footage this cameras takes of their personal Maui surf lesson. See how the GoPro camera captures the Hawaiian Style Surf adventure!

Those taking our Maui surf or SUP lessons can also use Hawaiian Style rash guards and booties to ensure they have a safe and fun surfing experience.

Our surfboards and surfing gear are all part of a long tradition of Maui ocean sports that deliver an unforgettable experience to island travelers.

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While we can say that learning to surf in Maui is unforgettable and thrilling, you’ll need to experience it first-hand to really see what makes Maui surfing so incredible.




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