Maui Ocean Sports: Best Things to Do In Maui

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Planning your Maui vacation? No doubt ocean sports are on the top of your Maui to-do list. These are some of the most exhilarating and memorable things to do in Maui.  What Maui ocean sports are we talking about?

Well, surfing and SUP of course…The classic Hawaiian ocean sport, surfing is a must-do on your vacation because it’s one of the basic elements of the Aloha spirit. Surfing is an essential part of Hawaiian culture, having been done on the islands for hundreds, possibility thousands of years.  So you can’t come to Hawaii and not take a Maui surfing lesson.


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Stand-up paddleboarding or SUP is also a great part of Polynesian culture that can’t be missed. SUP is actually one of the fastest growing water sports in the world because all kinds of surfers can stand-up paddle. This Maui ocean sport is easy to learn and offers a great body workout along with awesome views of marine life. The world has just fallen in love with stand-up paddling and you will too! At Hawaiian Style Surf, we offer both personal and corporate surfing and SUP lessons.

Kayaking. With kayaking, you can see a variety of marine life like green sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, tropical fish, and more up close and personal from this eco-friendly mode of transportation. A guided kayak tour can save you time and help you see the most amazing sites in Maui like Honolua Bay, Turtle Town, and Olowalu, all from the water! Check out the kayak guides at Kelii’s Kayak Tours for more info.

Snorkeling. After kayaking above the water, you can get in the water and snorkel right near the sea turtles, tropical fish, and the rest of the underwater world of Maui. Snorkeling tours also offer a unique experience with knowledgeable guides helping you along the way, to get the right fit with your snorkeling equipment and help you with any other questions or concerns.  These tours are also great for the whole family to enjoy together. Learn more about snorkeling tours at Maui Snorkel Tours.


Scuba diving. Of course, the next step would be go farther into the ocean by scuba diving. You can dive at some of the most famous spots in Maui like Molokini Crater, Coral Gardens, and Black Rock. If you’ve never dived before, you can often get a PADI certification through a class on the island. You can get a personal guided scuba diving tour from Sammy Scuba.

Spearfishing. If you want even more adventure, spearfishing may be for you. Spearfishing involves hunting for fish underwater, often by freediving (diving by holding your breath), and using a speargun or polespear. This type of fishing is not only exhilarating but also is specific in its targets, thus causing no by-catch, or non-targeted fish that may be too small. Spearfishing also offers the satisfying chance to catch your own dinner! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Spearfish Maui can take you out on these spearfishing adventures.

Kiteboarding. Maui is often called the birthplace of modern kiteboarding and is one of the world’s top kiteboarding spots because of its great trade winds and awesome beaches. Kiteboarding or kitesurfing brings together the best of several ocean sports like wakeboarding, surfing, and paragliding. Even if you’re a beginner, kiteboarding lessons can help you start riding the big waves. You can learn more about kiteboarding lessons at Aqua Sports Maui Kiteboarding Lessons.

Windsurfing. Try skimming over Maui’s gorgeous waters by windsurfing. With its steady winds, Maui is a windsurfer’s paradise. Windsurfing combines sailing elements with surfing. In this thrilling ocean sport, windsurfers can experience amazing waves, perform awesome jumps, and other freestyle maneuvers. Whether you’re a beginner or you want to improve on your windsurfing skills, taking windsurfing lessons may be for you.


Whatever Maui ocean sports you decide to enjoy, have fun, be safe, and always respect the beautiful ocean waters and beaches of Maui.


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