Learn How to Surf in Maui: Why Hawaiian Style is the Best Surf School

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Have you ever taken surfing lessons in Maui? It’s something you don’t want to miss. Learning to surf in Maui is one of the most rewarding things you can do. There’s an exhilaration you get by surfing that can’t truly be explained in words…you just have to experience it!

If you’re going to learn to surf or stand-up paddle, going to a Maui surf school is best. The Aloha Surf Guide recommends that all beginning surfers have a professional surfing instructor to ensure they have a fun and safe surfing experience.

But can’t you just rent or buy a surfboard and go out on your own? Yes, but having an experienced surfing instructor by your side can save you much time and needless frustration. Why learn the hard way when you can have someone show you the right surfing techniques, the best location, and the best board? It’s well worth the cost. Learning to surf or SUP with an instructor is also the safest way. With an instructor, you’ll know beforehand things like: the safest location for a novice, how far out to paddle, the right time to stand. All things you’ll need to know to have a safe and fun surf day.

So then why is Hawaiian Style the best Maui surf school? For several reasons…Hawaiian Style’s surfing team are all local professional instructors. These Hawaiian native surfers have spent most of their lives surfing in these Pacific Ocean waves. Thus, they know the best local surfing spots, how the local waves and tide perform at various times, and the best local techniques to learn how to surf.

For these native Hawaiians, surfing is much more than just a sport or a job…It’s a way of life. Having enjoyed surfing as part of the Hawaiian culture, they know how surfing embodies the spirit of Aloha. This passion for surfing is seen in how they teach their Maui surfing lessons. Hawaiian Style surfing instructors love to teach others this Hawaiian legacy and be a part of the thrilling experience that is surfing.

Some Hawaiian Style instructors like Cameo specialize in teaching children and families to how to surf and stand-up paddleboard. Cameo has been surfing since she was 6 years old.

“I love working with families and teaching little kids to surf because I know it’s an experience they will never forget,” Cameo said.

Hawaiian Style also specializes in corporate surfing and SUP lessons. Company executives, employees, and their families come from around the world to learn to surf in Maui with Hawaiian Style.

corporate surfing lessons

Along with unforgettable surfing memories, Hawaiian Style also offers surfing lessons that include the use of a GoPro camera. These waterproof, mountable video cameras allow you to capture every aspect of your surfing adventure up close.

Why not check out some of the awesome, laid back surfing lesson packages that Hawaiian Style offers for individuals, families, and entire companies?

There’s nothing quite like surfing in Maui, and no better way to learn to surf than with Hawaiian Style Surf – Maui’s Best Surf School.


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