Best Shave Ice Places for a Post Maui Surf Lesson Snack

hawaiian shave ice

You’ve had a great Maui surf lesson and experienced the heart-pounding exhilaration of riding the waves all the way in as you approach the beautiful Maui shoreline. What’s next? Now, you need to find some refreshment – somewhere you can relax and refuel before you get back out to the surf breaks. To cool off and get a invigorating treat, check out some of Maui’s best shave ice stands.

You may have had shave ice before, but maybe not Hawaiian shave ice. For instance, have you ever had ice cream with your shave ice? Or topped with sweet cream? If not, you have to try Hawaiian shave ice with ice cream and all the added toppings!

There are numerous shave ice spots around the beaches we usually take our guests to for their Maui surf or SUP lessons. Here are some of the best shave ice places in the area:

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

A short drive up the coast from your Maui surf lesson at Kalama Beach Park on Kihei Road will take you to Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice, the top-rated shave ice store and restaurant in all of Kihei and Lahaina. Not only do they have a ton of delicious flavors, but you can also try their “favorite combinations” flavors like Haleakala or Sunset Beach and add macadamia nut ice cream or shredded toasted coconut for a real sweet treat. Famous for their “extremely fine shave,” awesome flavors, and friendly Aloha service, Ululani’s is a favorite spot for visitors and locals. They have two locations in Lahaina you could also check out if you want a cold dessert after your Maui SUP lesson at Ukuhame Beach Park.


S & Q’s Coffee and Shave Ice Shack

If you’ve worked up a little more of an appetite after your Maui surf lesson and would also like to get a bite to eat with your shave ice dessert, you might try S & Q’s Coffee and Shave Ice Shack at the Rainbow Mall on South Kihei Road. S & Q’s offers a great flavor selection (everyone raves about the shark’s blood flavor combo with ice cream and haupia, or sweetened coconut cream, sauce on top). S & Q’s is also renowned for their espressos, teas, smoothies, and breakfast selection with waffles, bagels, and parfaits. They also serve a selection of delicious sandwiches for lunch as well. So you can stop by S & Q’s before you go to our Maui surf school in the morning and then stop by again for some tasty shave ice after you learn to surf.


Surfing Monkey Shave Ice

Well, of course we would love this shave ice stand for its name alone, but Surfing Monkey Shave Ice does offer some flavorsome Hawaiian shave ice as well. Also located on South Kihei Road in Kihei, Maui next to Foodland, the Surfing Monkey has a great selection of shave ice flavors and offers free extras like azuki beans, vanilla ice cream, and sweet cream. All of their shave ice syrups are made locally using raw sugar cane. How appropriate to try the Surfing Monkey after your Maui surf lesson?!?

surfing monkey shave ice

Old Lahaina Shave Ice

While you’re in the Lahaina area for your Maui surf lesson at Ukuhame Beach Park, stop by the Old Lahaina Shave Ice store for a refreshing and sweet treat. Try the mango, passion fruit, or pineapple flavors with ice cream. Then you can take a walk down Lahaina Town’s famous Front Street with its variety of other great shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Or you could get back in the waves to try out what you learned during your Maui surf lesson with Hawaiian Style Surf!

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