Maui's Best Surfing and SUP School

Continually mesmerized by the big waves and excitement of approaching swells, you’ll find us out there because surfing, or he’e nalu, is in our blood. There’s a sense of peace amid the ocean waves that beckons us to return day after day. It’s where we find ourselves and where we feel most at home. And as genuine soul-surfers, we simply can’t ignore when the tranquility of the ocean meets the overwhelming thrill of the break. This is our life – this is true Maui surfing.

This love of surfing is what we hope visitors take home with them. There’s no rush like it and no other way to really experience the spirit of Aloha that is Hawaii. And we love helping people experience this feeling first-hand. We’re thrilled to get to see our customers’ excitement at catching their first wave.

Read some of our customer testimonials to hear what they have to say. Because at the end of the day it’s really all about them and their love of the ocean and surfing. They’re the real heroes because they have the heart to try something new. We’re here to help them unlock their own surfing power, or mana. Anyone who truly wants to can learn to surf or paddleboard…We’re just happy to be a part of that experience.

Hawaiian Style Surf gives the best surfing lessons in Maui.  We guarantee that you’ll learn to surf during your Maui surf lesson and you’ll have a blast hanging with our team.  We’re Maui’s favorite surf school because we’re family owned and operated-all local Hawaiians who have a deep love and appreciation for Maui surfing and can’t wait to share it with you.

Whether you’re looking for group surf lessons or private surf lessons, you’ll have the time of your life at our Maui surf school.  We start off with a short lesson on land so you’ll learn the proper technique before you get out onto the waves.  And our surf instructors are with you the whole time you’re out there-cheering you on and giving you plenty of pointers to help you catch your first wave.

Learning how to surf when you’re here on Maui will be an experience you won’t forget! Surfing is the original Maui ocean sport and something you definitely need to try during your stay in the islands.

While surf lessons are our core, we are digging stand up paddle more and more and we want to share our love of Maui SUP with you! So come on out for some Maui SUP lessons-it’s on the top of everybody’s list of the best things to do in Maui!

Rick Leong Principle

Born and raised on the windward side of Oahu in Kailua, Rick – owner of Hawaiian Style Surf – has always had an intense love of the ocean and surfing and shared this appreciation and love with his family. In 1991, Rick and his wife, Renee, started a family-owned kayak touring company called Kelii’s Kayak Tours. Families, couples, and corporate groups from around the world enjoyed kayaking and snorkeling with Rick’s team. After repeated requests from guests who returned to Maui year after year to go kayaking, in 1998 Rick added surf lessons to their list of activities. In 2000, Rick officially opened Hawaiian Style Surf to concentrate more on their expert surfing lessons, and in 2007, Rick started offering stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) lessons as well. Today, he still loves to surf and to teach others this Hawaiian legacy. “I’ve always been extremely enthusiastic about my love for the ocean,” Rick said, “and watching the excitement and reaction of someone who just caught their first wave only builds in me that passion for the ocean even more.”

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Cameo Ka’ahanui Instructor

One of Hawaiian Style’s first surf instructors, Cameo has been surfing since she was just 6 years old. At age 16, she started teaching others to surf, and at age 17, she began also teaching paddleboarding. She specializes in working with children and families. “My dad taught me to surf when I was little. Some of my favorite memories are tandem surfing with him and our friends and family,” Cameo said. “I love working with families and teaching little kids to surf because I know it’s an experience they will never forget.”

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Kaimana Leong Instructor

Although still young himself, Kaimana is a “real gentleman” and truly enjoys working one-on-one with his customers.  He learned to surf at age 6 but really took to the sport when he turned 13, and since then, he hasn’t put his board down. Kaimana spends most of his days in the ocean surfing on the North Shore and skimming at Big Beach in Makena. “Being able to work in the ocean and teach people the sport that I love is awesome!” Kaimana says.

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Kamakea Ka’ahanui Instructor

Originally from the island of Molokai, Kamakea grew up around the water and started surfing at the age of 8. He also enjoys many other ocean activities native to Hawaii such a spearfishing and canoe paddling. “Surfing is a big part of the Hawaiian culture and really embodies the spirit of Aloha,” Kamakea said. “Being able to share that with people from around the world is my way of giving them a piece of Hawaii that they can keep for a lifetime.”

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Cheyne McDonald Instructor

Cheyne is originally from Hawaii, but has also spent time in various parts of the United States, traveling to different parts of California, and even living in New York for some time. If he’s not paddleboarding or teaching surf lessons, you can find him at one of Maui’s many beaches diving for shells and sea glass to use in his own ocean-inspired jewelry company. “I try to spend as much time in the ocean as possible,” Cheyne said, “so having a job that allows me to work in it too is absolutely amazing.”

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Kona Wolfson Instructor

Kona was born and raised on the island of Maui. He started working as a kayak guide in 1992 at Kelii’s Kayak Tours for owner Rick Leong and has continued with Rick as he opened his surfing company, Hawaiian Style Surf, in 2000. He is a sponsored surfer and has entered and won many surfing competitions. “For me surfing has always been just pure, good, clean fun,” Kona said. “I’m happy I get to share something from Hawaii that has brought joy to the world!”