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5 Things To Bear In Mind Before Your Surfing Lessons In Maui

Perhaps surfing is one of the things on your bucket list and you have even taken the bold step to sign up for surfing lessons in Maui or go for a surf vacation. If that is the case, then there are certain things you need to bear in mind before you hit the water.

1) Prepare yourself.

Surfing is a very physical sport, therefore before you head to the waters for your first rodeo you need to build up your stamina, flexibility, and endurance. You can have several swimming lessons before your first surf, swimming is known to help build stamina for paddling in the water. Surfers spend more of their time paddling in search of waves than they spend actually riding the waves. Swimming also helps to improve your comfort in the water and enhance your swimming skills; this would come in handy during your surfing lessons in Maui.

For improved balance and flexibility, you could practice yoga. Activities such as running, skipping, jogging can also be useful as they help to improve cardiovascular fitness.

2) Try the whitewater.

Don't get too excited and head out back in search of an unbroken wave, rather settle for the whitewater. For someone having their first surfing lessons in Maui, the whitewater is just the right place for you. There you can learn in relative safety, have a feel of how your surfboard works and how you can handle it better. Only when you have become comfortable with your board in the whitewater can you venture out back in search of unbroken waves.

3) It is not if, rather when you fall.

It is not an issue of if you will fall into the water, rather it is that of when you fall into the water. During your first surfing lesson and even subsequently, you will fall into the water and take huge gulps of saltwater. However, when this happens, try to stay as calm as possible as you find your way back to the surface. You can try out a technique of counting to 10.

You should also try to search for your surfboard. Most surfers do attach their boards to their ankle by a leash. As an amateur you should also wear protection over your head, to save you from injury during any fall.

4) Understand the rip currents.

One of the warnings you will become familiar with over time is that of rip currents. These are strong narrow currents of water that head away from the shore and into the sea. When caught in a rip current most amateurs are tempted to paddle against it towards the relative safety of the shore. But that's not a good idea. Mother Nature is a powerful entity, you can't fight her and win. You will end up getting exhausted. What then should you do? Paddle parallel to the shore until you are able to get yourself out of the rip.

5) Enjoy yourself.

Lastly, have fun. Surfing is probably one of the hardest sports out there, but it is equally fun. Try not to be too concerned about what people think of your surfing methods or how you look on your board, instead focus on having the most fun riding the waves on the ocean.


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