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5 Questions To Ask Before Signing Up For Surf Lessons In Maui

Signing up for surf lessons in Maui can be a lot of fun. But when we are in the process of selecting the best providers of surf lessons in the Maui region, we need to remain as proactive as possible. That means taking the time to ask the right questions when we are meeting with various teachers.

So what are the most important questions that need to be asked prior to signing up surf lessons in Maui? Let's take a closer look at the following queries, so that we are fully educated before we embark on the selection process.

1) What's Our Skill Level?

The skill level of the prospective student will play a massive role in their decision making process. For example, when we are in the midst of searching for surf lessons that are catered to our skill set, we must be as honest with ourselves as possible. Those who have yet to move beyond a beginner skill level should not be enrolling in classes that are designed for more advanced surfers and vice versa.

2) What About The Teacher?

Selecting the best surf lessons that Maui has to offer means very little if we do not select a course that is provided by a teacher that we like and respect. Since we will be spending a great deal of time around this teacher, it behooves us to choose a course that is offered by a teacher that we truly enjoy being around. The last thing anyone wants is to sign up for lessons that they do not look forward to going to.

3) What Equipment Will We Need?

There is certain basic equipment that must be obtained before heading out onto the waters for the first time. It all starts with our surfboard and our wet suit. The surfboard needs to be chosen with our skill level in mind. The more volume, the better. This is especially true of those who are just getting started out. The wet suit should also fit properly. An ill fitting wet suit could cause a student to become unstable on the board.

4) Can You Provide Flexibility?

As much as we would all like to quit our jobs and become professional beach bums, this is far from feasible. We need to select courses that can be added to our daily schedule without compromising our ability to handle all of our other important daily duties. Classes that are either shorter in overall length or shorter in daily length are often the best for students in search of flexibility.

5) What About One on One Instruction?

Some students learn better in an environment where they are not competing with a bevy of fellow students for the instructor's attention. Others may learn best in an environment where there are numerous students. For those who learn best when they are able to receive private instruction from their teacher, it is best to pursue surf lessons in Maui that are designed to meet your needs. Students must always place themselves in the proper position to succeed.


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