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The Top 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Surf Lessons In Lahaina

Surf lessons are a wonderful way for us to bolster our skill level and learn more about the Lahaina area. Surf lessons in Lahaina also allow would be surfers to get all of the kinks out before taking to the ocean in earnest. Learning to surf is one of the most rewarding experiences that we can have.

In order to get the absolute most out of our surf lessons in Lahaina, we need to know as much as possible about the following tips. Let's take a closer look at these pointers, so that we are able to avoid the usual pitfalls that take place during the learning stages.

1) Finding The Right Gear

When it comes to finding the right gear, we often fall into the trap of simply throwing money at the problem. In reality, we need to be aware of our specific needs as far as gear is concerned. The wet suit that is selected should fit properly and the surfboard will need to have the proper amount of volume. The higher the volume, the more flotation that is provided.

2) Learning Paddling Techniques

Once we have found the proper equipment, it is time for to learn more about the best paddling techniques. This is the most crucial skill as far as proficient surfing is concerned. If we do not learn to paddle properly, our muscles will become weakened and it will become far more difficult to catch the perfect wave. Doing a proper warm up before heading into the water is pivotal.

3) Demonstrate Proper Form

If we wish to learn how to surf in a proficient manner, we need to be fully aware of the importance of proper form. The distribution of weight is pivotal to the art of catching waves. The surfer's back needs arched in the correct way and those who do not know about the proper form should certainly consult with their surfing teacher. They are there to help their students avoid the unwanted nose dives.

4) Correct Hand Placement

This is another surfing nuance that beginners are not always fully aware of. Something as simple as where the student's hands are placed will play a major role in the learning process. When we first learn how to surf, our impulse is typically to grab onto the rails of the board. This is the wrong technique and will only cause surfers to topple over. The surfer's hands must be placed at the top of the deck if they wish to remain balanced.

5) Don't Rely On Your Knees

A common beginner's mistake is standing on their surfboard with the use of their knees. While this may feel more natural initially, this is not the way to go. When surfers attempt to pop up from this position, their balance is completely lost. Not only is the balance of the surfer thrown off, but the balance of their board is compromised as well. Using the knees at first is common, but continuing to do so once you have gotten the basics down is not.


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