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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Sup Lessons In Maui

For those who have yet to be initiated, SUP lessons offer Maui residents and visitors the chance to learn more about stand up paddling. The board may resemble a surf board, but the process is much different. It is understandable for a prospective SUP student to have questions about their lessons in Maui.

In order to find out more about the most frequently asked questions about SUP lessons in Maui, be sure to read on. Education is always key and the more we know about these lessons before signing up, the better.

1) What Is Stand Up Paddling?

This is the most obvious question that is going to be asked by any prospective student who may not be totally familiar with SUP. It is a water sport that offers the student the chance to stand on top of a board that is slightly different from a surfboard. The boards that are used for stand up paddling are much longer and thicker than the usual surfboard, providing the student with a far greater sense of buoyancy.

2) What If We've Never Done SUP Before?

This is another natural question that is bound to arise along the way. While some of us are natural born daredevils who will race into the water at a moment's notice, there are others who are going to be a little more reticent. Fun fact: nine out of every ten SUP students has never taken a class before and does not know how to stand up paddle. The lessons will be tailored around this key fact.

3) Are All Permits Valid?

In order to operate on a beachfront legally, the SUP lesson provider will need to have the proper permits in place. There is nothing wrong with asking the providers of the SUP lessons if they have taken the necessary precautions. Do not ever sign up for lessons that are being offered by an instructor that does not have the needed permits. There's no telling what other corners they may have cut.

4) What About Your References?

The best schools will always have a line of happy clients who are ready and willing to speak with other prospective students. On the other hand, some schools may be reticent when it comes to providing references and this is usually a colossal red flag. Take a moment to ask about proof of insurance as well. Does the school have the proper liability and workers comp insurance? This is a question that must be answered in full.

5) Why Should We Choose Your School?

There are certainly no shortage of SUP lesson providers to choose from in the Maui region. That's why students need to find out what separates one school from the next. What is it about this school in particular that requires students to sign up? Whether its high quality instruction or a picturesque setting, there are several qualities that set one school apart from another. Top notch equipment and classes that are available around the clock are also extremely important to the decision making process.


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