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How To Learn To Surf In Maui

For those of us who wish to learn how to surf in Maui, there are a number of crucial steps that need to be taken. In order to get the most out of our surfing experience, we need to be aware of certain things. Fortunately, we have prepared a how to guide that lets would be surfers learn everything that they need to know.

Please be sure to read on and learn more before embarking on the process of learning how to surf. Those who wish to learn how to surf in Maui should definitely take the time to fully educate themselves beforehand.

1) Know The Learning Curve

We know that surfing can look deceptively easy. It can even look downright simple. However, this is an erroneous point of view that causes any number of would be surfers to experience far more difficulty than expected. No matter how simple it may look, we need to be fully aware of the learning curve before we can truly get the most of our surf class experience. The learning process should be equal parts enjoyable and challenging.

2) Choosing The Right Surfboard

When we are looking to learn how to surf in Maui, we need to remember that not just any old surfboard will do. We need to make a variety of considerations before getting started. While many would be surfers make the mistake of simply springing for the newest and most expensive board, this choice should be predicated on the board's volume. Surfers who are inexperienced should be choosing a board with plenty of volume.

3) Selecting The Right Spot To Learn

Advanced surfers might be able to tackle the sandier beach breaks, but when we are just getting started out? It is in our best interests to steer clear of areas that are designated for the top notch surfers in the group. Wave conditions can also change on a daily basis and turn a beginner spot into something more challenging. Remaining fully up to date is the responsibility of the surfer.

4) Finding The Right Teacher

For every surfer that prides themselves on being self taught, there are ten more who wish that they had put their own pride to the side and admitted that they needed help. Having the right teacher to show us all of the basic techniques is one of the best ways to learn. Select a teacher that is patient and willing to take the time to build your skills from scratch.

5) Learning Etiquette

Once we have completed the aforementioned steps, it is time to start learning more about the finer points of surfing. In order to learn how to surf in Maui, there are certain pieces of surfing etiquette that we need to be aware of. For example, don't ever make the mistake of trying to ride someone else's wave. A top notch wave is meant to be handled by one surfer, not two. Once we paddle towards a wave and notice that someone else has already caught it on the inside, this is a sign to back off.


Learn To Surf Maui
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